I became suspicious one day as I put on makeup in my teeny bathroom and saw a glimmer in the mirror.  My suspicion grew when I was washing my hands at work and it caught my eye again. I tossed it off as a leftover blond highlight from September 2010. And then, it reared its ugly head...

This Christmas, Santa gave me A GRAY HAIR.

Just one. gray. hair. 

He obviously did not get my memo about bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. (preferably in brown paper packages tied up with strings...) Gray hairs aren't one of my favorite things... (is bursting into songs from musicals a sign of old age?)

a hem. As I was saying...a gray hair. on my head. in my bangs, to be precise. As soon as the reality of it all struck, I called down the hall, " MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!". She came running (probably worried I had fallen in the toilet or burned myself with a curling iron). I showed her Santa's version of coal for adults. And then, she laughed her buttocks off at me.  My dad heard her laughing and came to see what the fuss was all about. Then he started laughing his buttocks off.

Then Copain told me that I need to start dying my hair again.

I still refuse to spend 100 euros every three months to cover just one gray hair. Ethel will be cleverly hidden under my other, melanin-rich hairs.  And until Ethel makes friends, that is how things will remain. 

In other news, I have switched to an anti-wrinkle day cream as a complement to my anti-wrinkle night cream. 


  1. oh, honey, I've got a whole chunk. I understand...

  2. Ahah! I still remember when i had my first grey hair! Dear Fcc, i would gladly exchange my grey hairssssss to your one grey hair- Welcome to the club and start watching tutorials on how to dye your hair at home :)

  3. No one tells you that grays will come before 30! What the heck? I think this is because my mom always colored her hair so even SHE didn't know when she started getting grays...sadly, I will be able to pass down that lovely bit of knowledge to my future daughters so they will know what to expect. If I'd never stopped getting highlights back in 2010, I never would have known! I'm sure that a chunk of Ethels will soon pop up to say Bonjour. Def going to be watching those tutorials :-) What brands are the best???

  4. So far, I've only used L'Oreal casting crème gloss, the ones that fade away in a few weeks. The "permanente" ones I've tried also, but since I need to color my hair more or less every month (glups), the non-lasting ones work well. I'm going to try another brand this week when I have time, une coloration mousse, I'll tell you how it turns out.
    Caution: blonds often flirt with orange...
    "Blond foncé" was nice, but the first week is always too dark.

    Oh by the way, I would love to have a grasse matinée like the ones you and your Copain had, lucky you :)


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