Cannes Cannes' Creations - Rock A Bye Baby

Behold! The completed baby blanket that I started all the way back in November!  Funny story about this baby blanket...I was so busy before leaving for vacation that I decided that I would just work really hard on it during the 12 hour flight. This became even more necessary when my Copine called to tell me that she was going to be induced on Friday morning. I was flying out on Saturday and the blanket wasn't even half-finished! Yes, I would work on it during the flight and I'd be almost done by the time our Airbus landed at LAX. What I didn't think about was the fact that a crochet needle could be used as a weapon on a plane. You know, because they are so much pointier than pens...

When I went to take it out of my carry on luggage before checking my bags, guess who couldn't find her crochet needle? Guess who had to yell a little bit at Copain who kept saying that I "must have lost it". It fell out of my bag while I was packing? okay, that's possible. I left it on the couch after working on it? yeah, that also could have happened. But lost it? no, I do not see how that could have happened since I had only worked on the blanket IN MY HOUSE. ON THE COUCH. It didn't really matter anyways since I had to put it in a checked bag or get rid of it, but still, purely based on principal, I was miffed. I wasn't too pleased with Air Tahiti and their weapon policies either.

The poor blanket had to sit in the overhead compartment (sans MIA crochet needle) for a full 12 hours while I did unproductive, non-blanket making things, like sleep, watch bad Air Tahiti movies and try not to think about crashing to my death. 

Upon arrival I immediately (okay, after a Yogurtland frozen yogurt pit stop), called my Copine to see if baby girl had come into the world (would I need to fight jet lag to finish the blanket that night?! Did I need more Yogurtland to keep my energy up?!). The blanket gods were looking down on me that day because my Copine, despite being pumped full of petocin all day, had still not given birth and had been sent home. We invited her and her mari over for carne asada and homemade tacos to help soften the blow of her rapidly growing cankles (petocin and IV drips will do that to a pregnant lady ready to pop). 


The doctors decided that if she didn't go into labor on Sunday, her actual due date, that she would be induced again on Tuesday - that gave me three days to crochet my buttocks off. People - if I never see another crochet needle in my life I would die a happy woman.  Good lord did I crochet. I crocheted while I ate, I crocheted while I watched TV(thank you Friends seasons 5, 6 and 7!), I crocheted while I had my morning coffee, I crocheted instead of going in the spa! 

But it was all worth it when I was able to wrap it all up in a cute little baby bag and bring it to my Copine who became a new mom at 3am on Wednesday morning. 10 fingers, 10 toes, a head full of hair with the sweetest face in the entire world...and no more cankles for Copine.

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  1. Ah ah!!! This is the funniest story! Your blanket was worth the work, it's lovely, and you can officially consider yourself the best copine of the year :) Bravo and welcome to the lucky baby!


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