I just got back from Christmas vacation chez The Parental Units in sunny southern California.  My little getaway with Copain turned into an untintentional Blog-cation as well because A. My parents' computer is from the dark ages and B. I was having lots of family time and eating time and visiting friends time... and it seemed a shame to obsess about the blog during those precious moments at home. As a result, I feel completely out of the blog loop and have slowly but surely been catching up on my favorite peeps out there (those ones you see in the sidebar  :-) ). 

I have lots of updates that I'll fill you in on asap (it's almost the weekend which means lots of time for blogging!).  To give you a taste until I can really get typing... my Copine gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and I was able to finish the blanket I started for her before leaving (pic on the way!). I even got to visit them in the hospital with Copain, which was very special since I never get to be home for big events now that I live on the other side of the world. Later during my vacation, I learned that another good friend (whose husband is a Frenchie!) also gave birth to a baby girl on the exact same day at the same hour - but in a different time zone. C'est fou non?!  Two new sweet babies brought into the world...félicitations mes amies!

I'll see you this weekend my friends...photos and xmas cards and American wonderfulness coming your way!


  1. Ah, can't wait to hear all about it: your trip, the babies, xmas cards, everything!

    Happy to have you back in the blog world, you deserved a little break, don't worry my friend ;)

    Again, happy new year, it will be fantastic I am sure. A bientôt :)

  2. Angela1/05/2012

    Im happy you're back!! I missed seein' you round here. :)

  3. Thanks gals:-) It was strange to jump off the blog train for so long - I'm glad to be back! A bientôt!


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