Cannes Cannes' Creations - Crocheting for Baby Update

I'm still chugging along with my baby blanket - my copine is due in just 7 days!!   I'm not nearly as far along as I would like to be, but I figure I have a 10 hour flight to work on it as well...

My old granny crocheting bag...ps - I just discovered the store COS (I'm in love).

I had to add the cream colored yarn because they ran out of the green/blue color at the store! It wasn't planned, but I'm liking it!

I think I'm going to do some kind of Sonia Rykiel stripe situation - all different widths, in a combination of the three colors. This idea could change, but for now, that's the plan. So baby blanket is coming along, slowly but surely, and hopefully, by the time December 17th rolls around, it will be all finished. Now I just need to figure out if a border is necessary or if the blanket can stand on its own. Back to my Youtube crocheting tutorials!


  1. FCC, it looks fabulous! Does it take time to do crochet? Is it as long as knitting or faster?
    As for the border, I think both would be nice :)

  2. Hi AT:-) merci! It actually goes pretty fast once you get the hang of it - I was a able to add a large chunk tonight in the span of a Sunday night movie - Mission Impossible 3 dubbed in French (bah!). I've only knit once and I can't remember how long it took:-( The basket weave adds a nice layer on each row that you crochet, so you feel like you are moving right along.


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