30 Days of Lists is Back!

Remember 30 Days of Lists?!  Well, it's baaaaaaaaack - and this time I'm registered for the private blog and list prompts - yeseriebob!

It was created by Amy of Lemon and Raspberry and Kam of Campfire Chic - and if I'm not mistaken, this is the third round of 30 Days of Lists. While I can't quite get it together to make a notebook for my lists, I'll be blogging them here on French Cannes Cannes starting March 1st when the listing begins! I'm going to do my best to contribute to the Flickr group they've created as well - it will be my 2012, 30 Days of Lists Challenge. (Je suis tellement nulle pour ce genre de choses...)

If you're in a 30 Days of Lists mood, click here to register :-) 

A bientôt Listers,


  1. Wow, super (et bon courage!), can't wait to read that!!!
    Also, I hope you're better, la gastro is just the worst :( Stay warm and keep Copain at a distance... for the sake of his stomach!

  2. Thank you for the head's up! I signed up and maybe this year I will get to more than the first three. I loved looking back to last year's prompts....and my answers. Great reflection! I can't wait to read yours. Fun! Merci! Xoxo


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