Oh La La J'adore - Blogs I Love!

I was recently tagged by my OLF (online friend?) Anabelle, who writes a beautiful blog about her life as a mother in Paris.  She is creative, thoughtful and has an eye for design, which all come through in her blog posts (that I love reading!).  Her partner is American and guess what else? She writes in English, though she is French - interesting non? 

Last week, before I went to Toulouse, she tagged me as one of her favorite little known blogs (merci Anabelle!).  I'm joining in the game, which consists of linking to the person who tagged me, posting my fave blogs and letting my fave bloggers know. If you've been tagged below, you can also play along :-) 

So, without further ado,  please find below five of my favorite little known, or not-so-little known blogs from around the web (including Anabelle's, bien sur!).

Alt-Mama - New York mama moves to Austin, Texas with baby in tow. All things organic, massage therapy, including natural mama tips. Alt-Mama inspired me to try coconut oil muffins :-) She's also started a new blog for Parenting.com, called 100% Natural Parenting.

Lemon and Raspberry - Amy, photographer extraordinaire and seeker of all things creative, posts seeds of inspiration and ideas from around the web (including her own!).  She is also one of the creators of 30 Days of Lists (which will begin starting March 1st!)

Nothing To Read Here - hilarious musings from a 30-something father of twins.  P-dawg notices what no one else does, analyzes it, finds the absurdity and spits it back out with a twist that only he can achieve. Who ever knew that finding the best route from your desk to the bathroom at work could be blog-able?! 

The Ups and Downs of an American in France and More! - fellow American expat based in Marseille and mother of two Franco-American little girls writes hilarious stories about her trials and tribulations in France.  Learn about the grossest street in Marseille and the crazies who shoot up in front of her yoga studio - nothing but laughs. 

Max and Mande (All You Need is Love) - Mande, elementary school teacher of "firsties", California girl living in Arizona with her engineer husband, Max, writes about their home improvement projects, classroom ideas, baking adventures and more. Mande is a little ray of sunshine, wherever she goes. 

(sorry, I can't just have five!)

French By Design - Si, a Frenchie who writes in English, posts beautiful, inspiring design ideas and quotes from around the web.  (I love her finds - hopefully one day I'll be able to use them in my very own apartment...if I can ever afford to buy in Paris, that is...sigh).


  1. Merci merci dear FCC! OLF: that's fun! As soon as I have two seconds for me, I'll surely go and visit the blogs you've selected, they seem great!

    A bientôt!

  2. Oh merci for the shout out! You are an angel! Xo, Si-

  3. Thank you! I am glad you like my stories (-;


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