Turning 30 Isn't So Bad...

Copain's birthday month continues.  We just about froze our derrières off in Toulouse last weekend with the grand froid that had taken over everything. But it felt good to be in la ville rose, walking around my old streets and re-visiting my favorite places.  We were spoiled rotten with foie gras (I think we ate it four times!), and Copain was celebrated by his maman and papa. 

I also revealed our surprise birthday destination with a little game that Copain's maman helped me create.  I asked her questions about his childhood ahead of time to prepare game cards, and then he had to get the correct answer to take off each layer of wrapping paper (there were 6 layers!).  Questions included the name and arrondissement of the hospital where he was born, his first word, what he wanted to be when he grew up, and his favorite gouter (snack) when he was a little boy.  We played it Who Wants to Be a Millionaire style and he was able to "call a friend" - AKA mom or dad, in case he needed help.  I learned a thing or two about Copain that day - he likes yogurt cake, wanted to be a video game tester and was born in the 8th arrondissement.  First words: pa pa pa pa.  (Which did not please ma ma ma ma).

So where are we going next weekend, you may ask...Amsterdam! Where we will freeze our derrières off once again!  I just read this article from Cup of Jo which makes me A. shiver and B. hope that we get to ice skate on the canals too! (I'm bringing my snow shoes just in case I can't hang - think it's too much?)

This weekend was all about the party that Copain's friends convinced him he should organize.  Where I was very honest with myself about my distain for party organizing , Copain got sucked in and made a facebook event for a night out in Paris.  He stressed about it ALL week and totally sucked me in too.  I had to play the "don't worry! It's going to be fun!" card, until his best friend from London surprised him on Friday night, and he realized that yes, this would be an enjoyable weekend.  Quelle stresse!

As Claude Nougaro would say, Oh Toulouse, Oh Toulouuuuuuuse...

Copain and I met just to the right of the pink awning in 2004.

As I walked to meet a friend for coffee, I happened upon the sign for the Cité Administrative. Oh the horror! It brought back all of the pep talks I had to give myself before applying for working papers with grumpy fonctionnaires (city workers). Ce n'est pas possible mademoiselle!

Copain, Belle Mère and I took a tour at the marché Victor Hugo...

Florists closed because of the grand froid! Yes, it was that cold.

Our aperitif before our diner gastronomique. Très fancy.

Saint Sernin. Copain's favorite spot in Toulouse that I have also come to love.

I wanted to velo!

Mise en bouche at O'Saveurs.

Copain's entrée 

My entrée (foie gras - again!) I can't help myself.

Plat - quasi de veau avec legumes d'hiver...so tasty!

Birthday cake!

Mignardises - guimauve, mini financier, pâte de fruit...

The big surprise on Friday night...happy Copain.

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