La Dixième Liste

List 10 - Today was awesome because...

Unfortunately, today was decidedly NOT AWESOME. I had high hopes, and it even started out with blogging and coffee (great combo), but nope, not the stuff that awesome is made of.

I think that Amy and Kam (creators of 30 Days of Lists), stole all the awesome! Amy is moving into her NEW HOUSE today and it just so happens to be Kam's birthday.  I'm just going to jump on their awesome band wagon and say Félicitations Amy! Joyeux Anniversaire Kam!

Because eating pickles on my couch, in pjs, while blogging on a Saturday night - ummmm, no, not awesome at all.

(and totally my fault by the way...anti-planner that I am).


  1. Here's hoping tomorrow brings better things your way!

  2. Merci ! Fingers crossed :-) We have an afternoon walk planned with our friends and their new baby...that should bring some joy right? :-)

  3. "Perhaps"! Just kidding.....hope you have a wonderful Sunday stroll with your friends. Xoxo

  4. YAY! No proof of non robot status required!!

  5. I thought everyone would appreciate that! Xoxo


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