La Huitième Liste

List 8 - I need to say "no" to...

Well, seeing as how I say "perhaps" to everything, I may have found just the solution to this whole "saying no" thing. 

But in all honesty, I should probably say "no" to:

1. Guilt (this is where "perhaps" comes into play..as in, perhaps I'll come to your party - or perhaps I'll be sitting on my couch with a baguette and nutella.)
2. Stress (again, perhaps - great word - as in, perhaps I'll be there at 6, or maybe I'll have to stay late at work and won't be able to come at all...)
3. Baguettes
4. Fleur de sel (how I heart thee)
5. The pressure life brings as 30 approaches 


  1. Wonderful take on the prompt :-)

    Great job!

  2. Oh that last one is ringing in my ears too!

  3. Merci les filles;-) as I'm re- reading this, I'm realizing that I may have commitment issues... Oy vey! (and turning 30 is not helping!) At least I'm in good company;-)

  4. I definitely share 1 and 2 with you, it's totally taking over my life these days. As for 3 and 4, I don't blame you. 5: I had no pressure at all turning 30, but it hit me really good at 37...

    As for "perhaps", well, no comment, I'm just like you...

  5. Guilt and stress - wouldn't life be great if these things just didn't exist at all????


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