Dans les Rues de Paris - Seriously Quick?

Copain and I were walking down rue de Rivoli, when BAM! we saw this:

Quick must be on the outs or something, because they have accepted to sell the Dark Vador burger - yes, that burger that you see right there, with the BLACK BUN. I was so intrigued / horrified, that I went inside the restaurant to inquire as to whether the buns were really black or not.  What did I see? A sign stating that due to such high popularity, they were out of Dark Vador burgers.  Seriously Quick? High popularity or just so bizarre that you had to stop selling them?


  1. J'y crois pas! On dirait un pneu de voiture, c'est immonde!!!

  2. Ah, thanks for removing the word verification, i'm going to do the same right now, it's so much better!!!

  3. Je sais!!! gross! (word verification was getting so annoying - hope this helps :-) bon weekend AT!

  4. Bon weekend à toi aussi, FCC!


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