La Neuvième Liste

List 9 - Happy Places

  1. My parents' couch, PJs, cup of coffee, morning visiting
  2. On a Parisian bridge crossing over la Seine
  3. In my bed with a book I just can't put down
  4. A dance studio with smooth wooden floors - just for me
  5. Any theater, on the stage or in a cushy burgundy-colored chair, right before the curtain goes up
  6. A cozy café, the smell of coffee rising from mugs on little sous-tasse


  1. A dance studio - perfect!

  2. What a fun list, love that you wrote #4 how awesome that would be.

    I think #3 will be me when my kids are moved out.

  3. 3/9/2012. Happy Places

    On my couch...in gumpies....with a hot cup of coffee..visiting with my kids in person if I'm really lucky, or even on the phone

    In a book store or library...browsing and loving books

    A weekend away with my girls...no agenda.....

    The streets and cafes of Paris....again...no agenda

    In the pages of a good book

    Laughing with good friends

    It's official....you are definitely your mother's daughter!! Love you soooooo much! Xoxo

  4. This was one of my favorite prompts yet... It makes me want to be in happy places all weekend;-)

    Already got the good book part down. Going for coffee now... If only there was some vacant dance studio in Paris... Xx les filles et bon weekend!


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