La Sixième Liste

List 6 - Things to collect

1. Rings - For as long as I can remember, I've collected rings. I recently found them all when my Dad made me go through my storage boxes back home. Silver ring from Mexico, sapphire ring from my Aunt, ruby ring from my Uncles, my old thumb ring, the gold ring with the blue stone that my Grandpa gave my Moom for her homecoming in high school...

2. Postcards - I started this on my first trip to Europe at age 15...my poor travel buddies had to wait around while I chose postcard after postcard on Paris' rive gauche.

3. Ticket stubs and programs to performances I've seen and performed in...Cirque du Soleil, Nutcracker, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat....the list goes on and on...

4. Shoes - leave it to this weirdo to collect shoes.  In high school I put velcro on the bottom of them and stuck them to my wall (walking on the wall!). If I didn't live in the teeniest apartment on earth, I would still have my leopard heels from '97 on display!

5. Traditions - I love traditions and keeping them alive....cinnamon rolls for Christmas, the Special Plate when it's your birthday...I hope I'll be able to create special traditions for my family, just like my mom and dad did for me.

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