La Vingt-Deuxième Liste

List 22 - My Care Package

When I read this prompt, I wasn't sure if I was supposed to make a list of an ideal care package for myself or for someone else.  Since a blog is already very me, me, me (n'est pas?), let's make this list for someone else. Since it's my mooma's bday tomorrow, this list will be a care package for her... (she's so good at making them for other people - I've been the recipient of a few of her amazing gifts!).

Birthday Care Package for Mooma:

1. Gift certificate for a massage to start off her bday weekend.

2. A freshly ground package of French Roast coffee (she always has enough half and half on hand, not to worry).

3. A list of funny memories for a laugh...
Remember when we found this on our hike in Corsica??!! all kinds of nasty.

4. A new book that she has been eyeing - Bringing Up Bébé, for example (I've been telling her about it!)

5. A new lipstick, eyeshadow or blush... (the woman has more makeup than god - yes, god has makeup).

6. A thoughtful card - she's good at those too and taught us the importance of "the thought the counts".

7. A chick flick - for the first time in a very long time, my moom has time just for her! She goes to jazzercise (doesn't that sound like fun exercise??), goes out with friends on a regular basis, and takes time to watch chick flicks on weekends! 

Chick flick night with mooma

8. Some wild flowers in purple tones.

(she got me these when I became French...)

9. Ideally, all three of her children would also be in her care package, and sometimes we are...but when we're not, wherever we are in the world, she knows we are thinking about her on her special day.


  1. Oh my goodness, I pray that my daughter is like you when she is your age! This is so sweet! What did your mother do to make you such a lovely daughter?

    Jazzercise sounds great!

    Happy birthday to her!!

  2. I'm sure she would tell you that I have my moments of being a not so great daughter too hahaha (I went through a "respect problem" in high school...), but she is a pretty amazing mom and somehow still loved me through that :-) Florina already sounds like a wonderful daughter and amazing (not so little!) girl!

  3. I LOVE this care package...as well as your actual birthday package....such fun!! Though not one of you were able to really be with me on this birthday, I felt the love and presence of each of you across the miles! That's the best gift of all!! And, Anabelle .... I am a very lucky mother!! I do remember those moments during HS and used to pride myself on having the "punishment" fit the "crime". (Remember some of those, FCC? Hahaha!! ). I've read your blog, too, Anabelle, and you obviously give great thought to what is best for your children.....I think you're doing very well! Thank you for the birthday wishes!


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