La Vingt-Troisième Liste

List 23 - Confessions

I had a little twinge of "eeek" when I read this prompt....what kind of confessions are blog-able?! Let's throw caution to the wind, shall we?

1. In college, I was always the roomie who didn't do her dishes. Once, my roomies counter attacked, did all their dishes and left mine in the sink - just to prove what a lazy-butt I was. Ooops.

2. I never understood why my parents came home after work and had a glass of wine with dinner. Now I do. And I love it.

3. I have (what I have deemed) a thoe. When I asked the doctor WHY on earth I had a thoe, he told me I was just lucky they didn't both look that way. Thanks, doc, thanks a lot.

4. Where I'd like to be an all organic, natural food eating hippy who uses Toms of Maine deodorant, I have an overwhelming fear of sweating and then not being able to do anything about it.  I've tried Toms, Trader Joe's natural unscented deodorant with cotton??, Nivea natural deodorant (now being finished up by Copain), some Frenchie brand sels d'alun deodorant, and the Frenchie-friend recommended - only perfume in the pits (oh god, kill me now). Every single time I try these "healthier, non-pore clogging methods",  I sweat about sweating, ultimately convince myself that I smell, and go back to my reliable friend, Antiperspirant. 

5. I read baby blogs. (and yet, I don't have a baby) 


  1. Hard to confess, I agree. But I'm glad you did, because now I feel even closer to you ;)

    When I was younger, I too was the worst for doing dishes (but actually everything that concerned cleaning). I still hate it today, but I do it. Well, the dishes, it's mainly Earl doing them, because I cook most of the time :) We should have a dishwasher by now...
    Talk to me about fingers/toes: I have a crazy looking toe on each feet which is the drama of my life/gives me personality (depends on the day!), and my bottom deeth are not what you can call perfectly aligned (another drama of my life/thing that gives me personality).

    Bref, we all have defects and that's why we're so unique :)

    Have a great Sunday, copine!

  2. hahaha! Thanks AT! It always makes me feel better to hear these things - I literally went thought my childhood holding my thoe in my fist to hide it - now I do little challenges for myself, like holding the metro pole with my left hand. You have to just accept these things at some point, but sheesh, it's rough. ie:your toes - you would never know with that great orange nailpolish you are rocking these days :-) I want to hear about the bday party when you have some blogging time! bises et bon weekend my friend!


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