La Vingt-Septième Liste

List 27 - If I could do it over again...

1. I wouldn't have purchased those strawberry sour chewy candy yesterday. Boom! Stomachache!

2. I wouldn't have stressed so much about following the French Prefecture red tape to the letter - even the French don't know it to the letter. Just ask anyone at the Bureau des Etrangers- they'll send you to "un collègue qui va savoir".

3. I would have gone to a back specialist RIGHT AFTER I HURT MYSELF. (not two years after)

4. I would have tried to study something that I really wanted to do later in life. Then again, I still don't know the answer to that one...

Something I'm so glad I did just the way I did it the first time around? Moving to France! (Otherwise the post is just too depressing n'est pas?)


  1. N° 4: did I write that or you did? Exactly the same for me!!! And the worst part about it, is me I'm 37...

  2. I think I'm just destined to be someone with too many interests which prevents me from being really good or really passionate about just one....sometimes I think France is "my thing" - now I just have to figure out how that is going to earn a living...any ideas??! ha

  3. Why not be a guide for tourists? ;-) No, seriously, it's a great job, you spend your days sharing your love for your Paris and France with people who are so excited to be here, and you make their trip something they'll forever remember! And you get to speak your mother tongue, which is always good when you are an expat I guess.
    But what's your real job anyway? Maybe that's the job of your life...


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