La Vingt-Huitième Liste

List 28 - My last meal would include:

Apero (French):
Foie gras on fresh bread with fleur de sel on top

Dinner (Down-home goodness, Mexican):
My dad's homemade tacos (like 4 or 5...or 6, whatever)
Served with fresh margaritas

Dessert (Summer deliciousness):
Strawberries (nice, sweet, juicy ones), served with a bowl of homemade whipped cream
Coffee with cream

Weird combo all put together, but oh-so delicious right? What would your last meal be?


  1. Miam! For me, it would be a Korean fondue, or Korean barbecue, or okonomiyaki, or sushi and sashimi (only the good ones), or tacos (it would be great if you could post your father's recipe!!!), or enchiladas, or fried chicken with cornbread, or my mother's delicious pot-au-feu, or... oh la la, I love so many things, it would be hard to choose!!! Desserts, I don't even talk about it, I love everything from fruits to big cakes and crèpes, e-ve-ry-thing!

    What I would not follow you with, are the drinks: I don't drink alcohol... I'd better not, considering that just a sip of beer/glass of cidre makes me funny... I know, it's ridiculous!

  2. I had a hard time deciding too - I'm a true gourmande!!! Everything sounds good! hahahaha


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