Bunny Cupcakes, and my Big (not going to happen) Hopes for Easter

Remember my candy troubles on Easter last year?

Well this year, I was determined to make it a better holiday - a holiday full of parks and joy and sunshine. Copain and I planned to go to Deauville (the Cannes of the North), and enjoy being on a beach, eating on terraces and taking photos of the adorable houses at the station balnéaire.

Then we saw this:

A weekend away to a cold and rainy destination - ummm, I'm good.  And so stuck in Paris we are...

After stressing over alternative destinations that all seemed to require a car (crap!), I thought, come on Cannes Cannes, chin up, think lovely thoughts just like Peter Pan said and make Easter fun anyways! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I came up with Bunny Cupcakes:

Just humor me and tell me that they look like bunnies.

Yeah, we ate them on the couch while watching Kohlanta last night (the Frenchie version of Survivor), so it wasn't exactly the parks and joy and sunshine that I had imagined, but it was all I could muster up. Easter just isn't the same when you are over the age of 8, and it's totally bumming me out.  I could definitely use some children for rent - just for the day- to re-live all of my childhood Easter memories. Waking up to Easter baskets, egg hunts, Easter hats and dresses, finding the special egg with money inside that my Uncles left, and then changing into bathings suits and swimming at my Aunt's house like all little Californian kids did....

Paris, you are letting me down!


  1. I love your bunny cupcakes!! They look so much like bunnies I would feel bad for eating one ; )

  2. I do remember your Easter last year :-)
    Well, maybe next year we can arrange it, if you still want to rent kids ;-)
    I love your bunny cupcakes, they do look like bunnies and, most important, they look yummy!
    Swimming on Easter... wow, I've never done that as you can imagine! Ah, I guess it's on celebrations like this that you miss home the most...


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