Cannes Cannes Curiosity - Sève de Bouleau

I've been a tired Cannes Cannes lately - like seriously, can't get out of bed, feel hungover after drinking half a beer, tired. Je suis trop fatiguée.

You know it's bad when your colleagues start to tell you that you look tired; that you looked better with glasses because they covered your cernes, the dark circles under your eyes. 

The Frenchies have told me that it's the "changement de saisons" - the change of seasons. You know, it was winter, now it's spring, boom! you feel like crap! Call me crazy, but I'm wondering if it's not something more than that. My inflamed stomach lining is acting up again (blog over-share!) and I can't help but wonder if I really do have some kind of food intolerance that is causing all this fatigue. You know when you go on WebMD.com and check your symptoms?  Well, I have lots of them! Let's be honest, I'm probably dying. 

So, to combat all this dying / fatigue / stomach issues / dry skin / etc etc etc, I'm trying out what all the Frenchie pharmacists love to prescribe - a "cure" - treatment. For two weeks I will take a shot of sève de bouleau, birch tree sap, on an empty stomach, and apparently I will feel amazing afterwards. 

magical birch tree sap!

makes you feel like a million euros!

I'm a leeeetle skeptical. But, I feel crappy enough that I'm willing to try anything - even shots of birch tree sap on an empty stomach. (Followed by lots of coffee so that I stay awake, and lots of coconut oil on my dry, old lady hands.)

I tried my first shot today and it tasty like earthy water - not too bad. I don't feel amazing yet, but I'm sure it's going to happen any day now. 

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  1. Need some "Wicks and Wodka"???? Take care of yourself! Xoxo


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