Dans les Rues de Paris - McBaguette

You read right - McDonalds has now introduced the "McBaguette" to the francophone world in an effort to culturally adapt to its various restaurant locations. 

Check it out:

They even decided to bust out a Frenchie remix for their commercial:

All of the Frenchies in my life said - it's just like "un américain" - Un américain is a sandwich made with baguette bread, hamburger meat and french fries. Yep, that's right - French fries stuffed in the sandwich. Then they ask you if you want ketchup or mayonnaise on top. I'm not going to lie, I definitely ate one when I first arrived in France and had the first 2.5 hour lunch break of my life at the university. It was horribly good and you definitely need 2.5 hours to digest the thing. This was followed by a 15-pound weight gain; a great story for another day.


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