A Big Day for France

It's a big day for La France! After the televised Grand Débat (the big debate!) held on May 2nd, when the media explained the extremist measures put in place for the filming comfort of both presidential finalists, (including air conditioning regulators for each one, forbidden camera angles (no filming the back of Hollande's head! No filming Sarkozy's profile), and back up producers onsite in case one goes down), today we will finally know who will be the Le Président de la République for the next five years.  

Will it be François Hollande from PS (la Partie Socialiste)?

Will it be Nicolas Sarkozy from l'UMP (Union pour un Mouvement Populaire)?

The suspense has been killing us all - Copain watches the news every night for a political update  (lots of yelling at the TV ensues). That said, French television has been loving the never-ending opportunities to make fun of both presidential hopefuls. Here are the characters created for Hollande and Sarkozy on the French news parody, Les Guinols de l'Info:

We'll all be glued to our televisions tonight for the big reveal - they say it's going to be serré (tight!)....

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