Sometimes Paris is Better

When Copain announced that he would be spending this weekend with his parents in Biarritz, I was kinda bummed that I wouldn't be joining them.  A getaway to the beach with nothing but soupe de poisson (fish soup!) and les balades (strolls) along the coast to worry about sounded like just the vacation I needed. But alas, I had to stay in Paris.

My first indication that I had made the right decision was this MMS sent by Copain from Montparnasse train station:

Accompanying text: Aren't u happy right now? It's a mess here

Then I got this:

Accompanying text: My seat and the train

Needless to say, 6 hours on a fold-down chair, squished in-between what are surely bed-bug covered suitcases, would have put me completely over the edge.

Then I got this:

Accompanying text: Pig's ears!! Did you see the blood vessels?

I had forgotten that Copain had asked his mom to get him pig ears and apparently Belle-Mère pulled through for him. Oh. dear. god. Does this not remind you something you once fed to your dog to gnaw on? 

This text was followed by another one indicating that the next three days would be rainy - Rain + Beach = depressing (except I guess it does make hot soupe de poisson taste that much better).

Finally, I got this gem:

Accompanying text: I found our new salad spinner!!

Now in this instance, it's Copain who's lucky I couldn't go to Biarritz, because if I had been there when he suggested we purchase this GIGANTIC gadget to put in our teeny Parisian apartment (right next to all of his other genius purchases!!!!!!), surely I would have exploded in his face. 

Oh my life.

See, sometimes it's just better (for everyone) to stay at home in Paris, bed-bug free with normal food and no physical violence due to inappropriate purchases by significant others.

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  1. Oh so you're back too! I had a blog disconnexion for awhile...

    This post is very funny, like usual. I totally understand you and especially for the pig ears (this is DESGUSTING, never in my life have I had pig ears and I never will, arhh) and the salad spinner (why do men often/always buy things that are too big??? - well, we buy bags and shoes so...)

    Have a great week FCC!


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