Good American

I was a bad newbie Frenchie and didn't sign up to vote in the last French presidential elections. It would have been my first time voting in France. I know - bad Cannes Cannes (wrist slap, time out in the corner etc etc).  I felt like a big loser when all of my other newly Frenchified friends updated their facebook statuses with, "I just voted!".

Yeah, lame-o me.

SO - I was not about to be a bad citizen in BOTH countries that have issued me a shiny passport. That would be extra EXTRA loser-ish of me. 

Thankfully, last Wednesday I ran into the Union of Overseas Voters at a fair just as they were closing up shop.  One friendly American (we are peaches I tell you!) volunteered to stay with me and help me fill out my absentee ballot request... and here it is, ready to be popped into the mailbox later this afternoon:

Now to try and understand what the heck is going on over there in the US of A ....


  1. And we were so happy to help!

    We'll be holding a special 12-hour voter registration marathon on Tuesday, Sept. 25th, from 10 am to 10 pm, to celebrate the first National Voter Registration Day, at Shakespeare & Co. Bookshop, 37 rue de la Bûcherie, 75005 Paris.

    Your readers who haven't registered yet, and who don't have back-up absentee ballots ready to mail should come out and see us! Time is running out to participate in Election 2012.

    All the best,
    Tony Paschall, Founder & Chair
    Union of Overseas Voters


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