Another Baby Girl

My Very Parisian Friend (whose identity I did not reveal in my previous post), just gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl. This is the year of baby girls I tell you! 

Joséphine was born on October 17th, right before midnight, and I woke up to a text from the proud papa announcing that both maman and bébé were happy and doing well after a seamless birth.

I am so very, very excited for my friend, who didn't have the easiest of pregnancies. She was put on bed-rest early on and was feeling kind of stir crazy in her Parisian apartment. Though she experienced ups and downs throughout the full 9 months, I bet she'd tell you that her little bout de choux was well worth it! 

Hopefully I'll get to visit this new little person and her happy maman tomorrow afternoon...

Joséphine's doudou

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