Oh la la j'adore - Hema Tights!

If you haven't been to Hema, you are missing out my friends. Hema rocks my Parisian world. It's like the Ikea for people without cars (Hema is located right in the center of town, no need to commute)! Basically, they have a little bit of everything (minus massive furniture), all with seasonal updates, at great prices.

When it's not jam-packed with people (don't go on the weekends), I love to peruse the aisles and dream about outfitting my kitchen with the newest crockery set, cupcake tins and coffee mugs. Instead (due to the teeny Parisian apartment with no storage space), I buy their yummy licorice chews, spicy rice crackers and most recently, their tights and leggings that go for just 4 Euros!

Usually I worry about tights - will the top band be too tight? Will they be opaque enough? Will they hold up? But for 4 Euros - I was like, sign me up! and bought two pairs on the spot. When I got to work the next day, my boss had just purchased a pair herself and was singing their praises (she might have said something about them feeling like chocolate mousse:-). I hadn't tried mine yet, but was happy to already be hearing good reviews. Anything that can be related to chocolate mousse must be amazing, n'est pas?

Well, today was the big day - I'm wearing Hema tights - and all I can say is bravo Hema - lovin' my chocolate mousse tights. Just the right opaque color, not to tight on top (though I would recommend buying a few sizes up from what you normally would), and definitely good quality (they survived my morning Vélib ride into work).

Just thought I'd share my tights revelation with mes copines - (and don't forget to try the licorice chews and spicy rice crackers when you go - trop bon!)

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  1. *Jealous* that you are wearing tights today. It's 104F here!!


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