Paris Eats - Taco Tuesdays at La Taqueria!

Ok, so maybe it was a Wednesday, but no matter - you've got to try La Taqueria whenever you get the chance!

This snazzy, little restaurant facing le parc du quartier not far from chez moi, was recommended by a Mexican-American who has made it his Parisian mission to find the best taco in town.  Obviously he knew what he was talking about, so I had to give it a test run. I've not had great luck with good Mexican food in Paris, so if this came with recommendations (and was right by my house!), how could I not try it?

Copain and I invited two friends (also a Franco-American couple, who would enjoy an authentic taco just as much as we would!) and ran through buckets of rain to get to the resto. (We really wanted tacos)

We were the first ones to arrive and learned from the one guy holding down the fort, that the restaurant had only been there for a year.  We ordered some guac and Coronas (with lime!), and by the time they got to the table, the place had started to fill up with a mix of French and international eaters.

Here was our dinner (minus the gooey, chocolate dessert that I forgot to get a photo of...):


we dug in - obviously

taco / quesadilla plate for two!

Long story short - great tacos! We paid about 25 Euros each for two beers per person, guacamole to share for four people, a two-person plate with six tacos and three quesadillas per couple, plus a dessert to share per couple as well. Voila!

La Taqueria
20 rue du Général Guilhem
75011 Paris
Tel: 01 56 98 05 18
Metro: Saint Ambroise (line 9) or Saint-Maur (line 3)


  1. ❤ that the menu is in Spanish!

  2. Yum! If I ever lived over there finding good Mexican food would be a must! Being from Texas, it's pretty much one of the food groups :)Glad you got to experience tasty tacos (and guacamole, the most important part)!

  3. bookmarking this for whenever we get to Paris. Andrew loves tacos any time :)

  4. I was a happy camper - oh yes! Planning my next taco adventure...finally I've found a place in Paris that does it right :-)


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