Memories and Toulouse....

Before my gastro New Year's attack, I was enjoying my French hometown - Toulouse. That's where I first studied abroad, where Copain and I first met and where I lived for a full three years before moving to Cannes. I love Toulouse.

Since I would be spending the holidays with Copain's family and since everyone on my side of the family is going through big life changes (grad school! babies! first houses!), I suggested that instead of gifts, we give each other memories. Most of the women in the family responded to my suggestion in agreement - the men on the other hand, thought I was a total nut ball and cursed me for even bringing up such a ridiculous idea (Copain included). A memory? One for each person? Hey FCC - remember when you had that horrible idea to give each other memories for Christmas? Yeah, it went kinda like that.

Nevertheless, everyone played along and I got some hilarious and touching memories from my family for the holidays - they were smart and sent them by email. I, on the other hand, couldn't help but want to wrap something so that they could open it like a present. So guess whose memories didn't make it on time? I know, I know...

In any case, here are a few pics of my 6 days in the sud-ouest (southwest) of France...a place that is filled with memories for me...

Place du Capitole

La Garonne

The Marché de Noël at Place du Capitole

La buche de Noël...the Yule log (cake!)

Saint Sernin on Christmas Eve

Presents, presents, presents

How can you not love this guy?

At Alby Foie Gras in Albi - we stocked up on magret de canard 


In the streets of Rodez in Aveyron

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