Copain-isms: The Case of the Shrinkles

Copain stood in the living room in his size 42 pants recently purchased from Zara. He turned to the right, to the left, put on his shoes, added a shirt, sighed and went back into the bedroom.

Then he was back out again, but this time in the 44 - a delicate suggestion I had made, since I thought his pants were getting just slightly too Euro...read: too tight.

We may live in Paris and he may be French, but I have my tight pant limits for men (and women, now that I think about it). 

Copain: what do you think?

Me: yeah, 44, all the way.

Copain: but, don't you think they look a little big, a little too long?

Me: dude, I told you, 44 - the 42 are on the limit of crossing the line. We can hem the 44s if you need to. (insert long conversation explaining hemming here)

Copain: but...but....(getting flustered)....look at all these, all these shrinkles!

Me: shrinkles?

Copain: yeah, all these shrinkles at the bottom!

(walk over to Copain, roll 1-inch of pant leg under, of the faux-hemming variety)  

Me: See! No more shrinkles!

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