Copain-isms - Chapstick

Copain and I were trying to decide where we would go for dinner on Saturday night.  I was rooting for La Cave de l'Insolite and he was rooting for sushi.

I love sushi, but I wanted to try something new - like my brilliant idea of La Cave. Clearly the better choice.

I told him that I wasn't doing my hair and putting on good makeup (a rarity, I assure you) for our standard sushi place on rue Dauphine. I wanted a bottle of wine, some ambiance, a dessert that did not include red beans or sticky rice. 

Then, in an effort to convince me that sushi was the better option, Copain said, "but I can use chapstick now!".

FCC: chapstick?

Copain: yeah, now that my thumb is almost healed, I can use chapstick. 

FCC: (drawing a blank - probably from a dry shampoo fume overdose in the miniature bathroom...) After five seconds of confusion,  the air cleared, I came to my senses and put two and two together - 

You mean CHOPsticks?

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  1. Ah!! Gets me laughing every time! Love that Copain! :)


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