'Ze Kinder Surprise

It's almost Pacques (Easter!) in France. Every year I find myself with no plans and somehow totally bummed out that I don't have little kids to organize Easter egg hunts for. I'm not religious, but it was a big part of my childhood, and for some reason, I feel a strange need to celebrate this holiday every year. Since I can never seem to get it together, I just end up completely and utterly disappointed.

As a kid, we went to my aunt's house for Easter weekend. We would wake up to Easter baskets put together by the best Easter bunny ever - AKA, my mom - we'd put on our hats and dresses, go to church, and then, while we "took naps" or "went on a walk", the Easter Bunny would come back and leave a gazillion eggs in the backyard. We each had one egg full of money from our uncles who would join in on the holiday fun.

I remember one year when we were traveling, the Easter bunny left flour footprints down the hotel hallway and a trail of coins and candies to our baskets. No matter what the circumstances, our Easter bunny always made it special.

Since I don't have my own kiddos just yet, I decided that this year Easter would be FUN! No bummer holiday for me. 

I started it off by getting a tube of Copain's (and every Frenchie's for that matter) favorite childhood candy - Behold the Kinder Surprise!

I left it on his side of the taupe couch so that he would see it when he came home from work. As I reheated our weekend quiche and threw together a salad, I forgot about my little surprise. Copain came home, got himself a hunk of cheese,  I yelled at him for not taking off his shoes and then, out of nowhere, I heard, "Is this for Copain??!!!!!" 

Dude was ex-CITED. 

After dinner, I asked him to give me a Kinder tutorial:

First you try to open the chocolate egg, perfectly in half...

Then you immediately take out the toy and try to figure out what the heck it is...

When you finally figure it out, you try to see what your friend got and compare -

Once you realize that your toy is waaaay better (umm, I got hologram car stickers), you shove your face with chocolate!!! 
(then Copain showed me how when he was a kid, he used to 
dangerously pop the plastic toy holder in other kids faces. Nice.)

Easter is already off on the right foot I'd say... Let's go Easter 2013  (or something super positive and uplifting like that).


  1. Anonymous4/01/2013

    The Easter Bunny was assisted by the Aunt (me) for all those years and what fun it was! We used to hide so many eggs that months later, I would find some of them still hidden in plants
    while I gardened...I thought of those happy days, today, as I walked with Larry in our neighborhood...The easter eggs were all over the yard,not even hidden! Those parents could have used a few tips from the "aunt" and the "easter bunny":-) ADxx

  2. We were so spoiled by everyone on those weekends! ...we had a plethora of Easter Bunnies :-) You don't realize all these things until you don't have the epic San Diego Easter hunts anymore :-( You'll have to open an Easter Egg hiding course for newbies in your new 'hood hahaha


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