La Onzième Liste

La Onzième Liste

Things I do every morning:

I'm pretty sure this blog post covers it, but just in case things have changed since then (and to simply my craziness...)

1. Hit snooze - at least 4 times. 

2. Think to myself, why am I still tired????

3. Wonder if it should be a boots + tights or leggings and a dress day or bottines with jeans and a sweater day.

4. Thank the universe for coffee.

5. Make the bed. 

6. Get irritated at Copain for walking around the house with his work shoes on.

7. Walk around the house with my work shoes on (it's soo not the same thing!)

8. Double check if I locked the door (OCD much?)

9. Wonder if I'll find a Vélib.

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