Paris Eats - Clamato

I really wanted to like it. Really. That was totally the plan. But... I'm still hungry.

Friends and I met at the new-ish Clamato restaurant on rue de Charonne in Paris last night. We hummed and hawed over which delicious dishes we should order and settled on about 6 of them. We probably should have doubled or tripled that - but then we would have left spending 80 Euros each, instead of 56. Granted, I had four glasses of wine in there - 5 if you count that one I sent back because it was an organic wine that tasted not unlike fermented apple juice (why was this not written on the menu?).

I felt bad - I NEVER send food back. Just ask my friend who watched me suffer through pasta with rancid olive oil on top. She sent hers back - I suffered through all of mine and then felt like barfing. But this was different - this was wine that tasted like apple juice. I just couldn't do it.

In Clamato's defense, the food was absolutely delicious. Amazing mixes of flavors and creative food styling - 5/5 on that. My maple pie dessert was also delish and big ups for the absolutely divine crème chantilly - fluffy and just the right amount of sweetness. But service was so-so, the wine was "natural" but not indicated as so on the menu, and I was seriously hungry afterwards.  Maybe there should just be a sign that says - Order a billion plates, Spend a lot of money, Eat good food and Go home happy.

Alas, no sign.

I'm embarrassed to say this, but I totally stopped at McDonalds for a McFlurry on the way home. I know, sacrilegious. I'm a horrible person.

Then I ate 3 pickles on my taupe couch.

Then I ate 10 Sour Patch Kids.

Then I felt bad and went to bed.


Survey says - go to Clamato for really good seafood. But you know, just be aware that you'll have to Order a billion plates, Spend a lot of money, Eat good food....then you'll go home happy.

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