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I have to give credit where credit is due. I didn't find Hero. I had no idea what it was or where it was. It was all Briana Masson.  The girl lives in Paris for 2 years and basically introduces me to every new restaurant in town.  She's back for a visit, so of course we are already on restaurant number 3 in "new ideas from Bri to try in town".  It's like I live under a rock.

Thank god for connected friends. 

Bref -

Last night we ate at Hero, a Korean-inspired restaurant located on rue Saint Denis. It's a little hole in the wall joint, made by the creators of Candelaria, Le Glass and Mary Celeste.  The vibe is relaxed, friendly, quirky and inventive - I loved it.

We couldn't pass up the cocktails - Bri got a Thug Life and I got Nice Legs:

I mean - how do you say no to this?

Then we grabbed a table, ordered a bottle of this:

Basically, it's a fermented, milky kind of saké, served cold. If I could remember the name, I'd definitely include it here because basically I'm going to order it every time I go. The perfect combo to the spicy dishes at Hero.

It's a tapas affair with sharing plates - which I'm not always a fan of - what can I say, I like my food for myself! But at Hero, there was plenty to go around - phew! A pro tip from FCC: Order one porc bun for everyone at the table. First of all, it's hard to share, second of all, you're not going to want to share its, that's how delicious this thing is:

There is some heat on this thing - jalapenos? Not sure - but you've been warned! I'm not sure my Frenchie Copain could handle it, but I thought it was delish.  The fried chicken is also a must - of course I went for the spicy option and was a happy camper.

The desserts didn't thrill me as much as the savory foods, but that won't deter me from returning to this great new Paris eats.

I loved the chill atmosphere, fair prices and strong, interesting flavors. The staff was welcoming and the bathroom was not only clean, but also had an air of luxury with the cloth hand towels, which is always appreciated by a weirdo like me. I just asked Copain to take me there for my birthday (why do I make his life so easy?)

Head to Hero for a relaxed night with friends, good (spicy!) food and good people.

289 rue Saint Denis
75002 Paris
Make reservations online (easy peasy)

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