Friday - the 13th

Friday is a magical word.  Just saying it out loud makes people around you smile as experienced today when I walked into the office and mentioned the greatness of today. Friday.

Then I went upstairs to my desk and looked at my phone which just so happens to have the date in the top right-hand corner - it's not just Friday, it's Friday the 13th. Didn't even occur to me until then. 

Now to be completely honest, I'm not really a believer in all this Friday the 13th nonsence but ask me to fly American Airlines and I'm totally freaked. What's my deal? As I was searching all the cheap flight websites that exist in the world I hoped (in vain) to find a ticket on Air France, KLM or British Airways (my airlines of choice) for an appropriate (read: not over 800 euros) flight.  But nothing. Nada. Zip. And so in the end I bought American Airlines - shiver.

If they make me pay for a glass of wine or a sensible snack during my almost 800 euros flight, I am going to flip out on the lovely American stewardess - flip. out. If I get stuck sitting next to an American who thinks that talking with your neighbor during the flight is acceptable, I'm going to have to listen to my ipod and "pretend sleep" the entire trip.  And if they give me one of those nasty yogurts that is about five times larger than any yogurt that a normal-sized person can finish in one sitting with the gloppy fruit at the bottom (why do they ALWAYS give you raspberry??!) I might have to throw it out the Emergency exit (which I will be sitting very close to).  Last but not least, if I dont have a personal TV screen and have to crane my neck to watch the screen hanging from the ceiling, I might have a total shit fit right there on the plane.

Don't let me down American - I'm friggin counting on you.

**funnily enough, after writing this post, I found this article...

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