Throw Me a Bone Here People - or an Apartment?

This just in from the French Riviera - http://www.puppydeparis.fr/ 

Does Fifi need a new puppy bed - is her old one lumpy and perhaps emitting an odor that prevents her beauty rest? Look no further my animal-loving friends!  Fifi's owners can buy her the luxury of a "Baron Haussmann Canapé " at Puppy de Paris !  Or maybe a "Baron Haussman Canapé " doesn't allow her to stretch her hind legs during her night-time doggie yoga (doga?) sessions. Well not to worry - Puppy de Paris offers a new exclusive line for puppies used to first-class living: the "Place Vendôme Apartment" allows for plenty of sleeping space AND room for doggie's luxe wardrobe.  Who needs Petco when you have Puppy de Paris????

Because as they say, "Love me, love my dog."  (Yeah, they seriously say that...well, Henry IV said that and they quote him on the home page. Really.)

Oh, AND you can get your dog's name embroidered on their apartment.  Seriously.

As much as this website makes me want to yak, I might have to say that the creators are kind of weird slightly genious because the Frenchies down here on the coast would TOTALLY buy this stuff. I want a friggin Vendôme apartment. damnit.

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  1. Lars you just click on 0 comments and then a little box pops up! Maybe you should ask Santa Claus for a Haussmann Canape (I'm sure he could deliver to Munich) :-)


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