On Your Marks... Get Set....CREPE!

I'll admit it - I'm not a big Olympics fan.  I tune in and out when it's on TV but basically I'm not a big sports person and that's what the Olympics is all about.  I guess I like the rah rah America stuff and when they sing the national anthem I get a tear or two I'll admit, but beyond that ummm.... nope. I could take it or leave it.

I live however, with a Frenchie who is à fond les Jeux Olympiques or J.O. as they lovingly call them here.  For two weeks straight there was nothing but skiing, really fast skiing and even faster skiing with a bunch of wiggly woggly twists and turns thrown in for good measure on our télévision.  My stomach would tie up in knots hoping that the skier would make it down in one piece. For me it's just as bad as asking me to watch a scary mystery investigative show where a murder has occurred and they use the show to unveil the clues.  I just can't take the suspence.

And of course, just to add to my rapidly growing ulcer of Olympic-induced stress, France just kept on falling!

Over and over and over again.

Copain would scream at the TV as the French skier would head down the mountain - Allez mon petit, allez, oui, oui, oui......MERDE!! C'EST QUOI TOUT CA??!!!  ESPECE DE CON! I literally jump in my seat when these outbursts occur because Copain tends to forget that A. we live in an apartment and B. we have neighbors.  He then continues to insult the athlete until I yell loud enough to make him stop - I swear our neighbors must wonder if there's not a domestic violence case to report in our building...

This happened when the French skier fell three seconds after starting the decent.

It happened again when the French skier fell just before arriving at the finish line.

And it happened again, well, you get the idea - the dude fell - AGAIN!

Despite my reservations about Olympic-watching, this year there was a shining moment that stands out far beyond the Lindsay Vonns of the games.While yet another Frenchie tripped over his skis the commentary went a little something like this:

Oh la la Pierre - deed you see zat one? He joost feel down zee mountaine! Now he ees speeening - like a crèpe!

And sure enough- there was the Frenchie, snow-angel style, face down, spinning down the moutain, flat out- like a pancake....or if you're French, like a crèpe.


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