The IHD is Back

You read right - the IHD is back in town - right on my street - right outside my front door to be more exact.  For those of you not in the know, the IHD is the Iphone Homeless Dude who used to roam my quartier.  I know, I know, a homeless guy with an iphone is hard to believe but I am here to tell you my friends that he exists in real life!

He took a hiatus for awhile there, probably because my street was under construction and the fumes from the tar was too much to take in the morning.  Or maybe because it was snowing in Cannes and he needed to find better shelter from the cold (it's true that his usual porch was pretty shallow and he definitely would have gotten snowed on). 

Anyways, he's back. 

And now guess what he has???  A power strip with four outlets! - or what the French call a multi-prise. Where there was once mystery surrounding the IHD, I now know why he loves my street.  My street being the main street of restaurants and bars in Cannes has lots of exterier outlets on the walls - perfect for say, plugging in a heater for the café terrace, or...charging your Iphone in a pinch.

This isn't just any IHD my friends - he's a smart one.  With lots of charging to do on weekday mornings...


  1. Oooo! He gets more and more interesting. No more cardboard boxes and grocery carts! This is 2010. No more walking uphill both ways...

  2. High Tech Homeless - it's gonna be a thing. mark my words.


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