Get Fit Fast with the Frenchies

Get Fit Fast with the Frenchies - Parisian Pound-Dropping Master Plan

So simple with guaranteed results!

Our motto - it pays to run late!

Step 1: Set alarm for 7am.

Step 2: Snooze until 7:45am

Step 3: Check Facebook and emails on your Iphone until 8am.

Step 4: Get out of bed.

Step 5: Make coffee and read blogs while drinking coffee.

Step 6: Look at clock.  (??!!!!"'"'(&"à'ç!&"ç'&!!!)

Step 7: takeashower, doyourhairandmakeup, getdressed, grabyourstuff, runoutthedoor - wait - didyoulockthedoor??!!! runbackupstairstocheckthedoor!! runtothemetro, swweeeaaaaat ALOT. getoffthemetroandruntothenextmetro, sweeaaaaaat A LOT MORE. getoffthemetroandruntoyouroffice, arriveattheoffice, sayhellotoeveryone, wipeoffyoursweatmustache, breathbreathbreath, sweatalot, wipeoffthesweatandairoutyourpits, openthewindow, sitatyourdesk, sweatsomemore. Go get more coffee in the staff corner. Start your day.

Step 8: Watch the pounds disappear....VOILA!! The new way to drop those unwanted pounds fast! Start running late today!!

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  1. Now that you are French, make sure you wear the same sweaty clothes over and over until they reek. And cut out the part where you rush to work and actually give a damn about being late, that is not French. The day you show up late and smelly, you have truly crossed the Franco-American line into a pure Française.

    -Tips from "Crossing Over", by Sunnylife


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