La Vingt-Cinqième Liste

List 25! holy moly only 5 more lists to go!  I know I haven't been great about blogging each and every day,  but so far I haven't missed a list - mini wave in celebration of me :-) 

Here we go...

List 25: Things I'd rather be doing right now...

Hmmm, seeing as how it is Saturday and I am in my robe on my couch with a cup of coffee, blogging - I can't think of too many things I'd rather be doing at this very moment.  However, if I had done this post on Friday (as it was meant to be done) I could have listed a bunch of things I would have rather been doing...ooops.

I'll pretend it's Friday...

- celebrating my mom's birthday WITH HER instead of singing Happy Birthday over the phone (Happy Birthday Moom!!)
- enjoying the weather outside (I can SEE the sun from my office, but cannot FEEL the sun - bummer)
- listening to music (sometimes the silence is a bummer)
- walking around Paris
- eating a delicious lunch in a restaurant (instead of my packed lunch from home)

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