I Love Paris in the Springtime

It's getting warmer in Paris - so warm that I can wear ballerina shoes with no socks.  When I leave work it's still daylight and all I want to do is walk around Paris or stop on a terrace for a drink and some people watching.

Tonight Copain couldn't join me so I meandered home along the rue de Rivoli toute seule, stopping in stores, window shopping for summer shoes and enjoying the mild weather that feels oh-so-nice after a cold,  dreary winter.

Even though I'm feeling under the weather (runny nose, headache, tired) - this good weather makes me so happy to be in Paris (the Amorino ice cream I treated myself to may have also done the trick:-)).

I'd never lived through a Parisian winter - the kind that everyone warned me about...I didn't know that it would lead to a bataille against unrelenting fatigue, perpetual dark circles under my eyes and all-around hideousness.  Now I understand how excited the Parisians get when the weather turns warm.  We all finally look alive again.

Not only do our faces brighten, but the clothing does too.  The corals, turquoises and purples are alive and well in the Spring collections making my head-to-toe black ensembles look downright depressing.

Where I'm not at all looking forward to the swamp ass that is surely in my June, July and August future, this new sunlight is definitely la bienvenue.

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