La Vingt-Quatrième Liste

List 24: I make lists for...

-grocery store

-personal to do (over and over and over again)

-professional to do (over and over and over again) - I get stressed when my To Do list looks too cluttered and I make a new one :-)

-packing for trips (these can go on for three pages) plus I have subdivisions to these lists like: carry on, toiletries, clothes, gifts - you would think that I would save these to use over again, but no, every time I travel I make a new list.

-shopping (like if I need to run errands on a Saturday for example)

-the number of yoga classes I've used up from my 10 class booklet

-things I don't want to forget so I can write about them later - such as the woman who blew her nose on her cardigan sweater today on rue de Rivoli. Classic.

What do I not make lists for is the real question!


  1. Alas, you have forgotten the Christmas lists!!! In that arena, truly, you win the prize!!!

  2. oh the amazing Christmas lists! HAHAHAHA!!! I totally forgot! yes, I am the queen of the Christmas lists :-)

  3. Lest the blogosphere think I am a completely spoiled brat, I must clarify that I no longer provide my parentals with these gems :-)


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