La Vingt-Troisième Liste

List 23 - Guilty pleasures...

-coffee - and lots of it
-TLC shows (please come to France!!!)
-So You Think You Can Dance (lord save us for when this comes to France...if it is anything like Danse avec Les Stars ruuuuuunnnnnnn)
-new shoes / shoe shopping
-new jeans
-getting haircuts
-tapioca with milk, banana, cinnamon and brown sugar (homemade! so easy!)
-mango with lime and cinnamon
-frozen melon balls (Picard, how can I thank you enough for this invention?)
-sleeping in
-wearing my robe - all day Sunday
-PJ sets (I remember the first actual PJ set my mom got me that wasn't just a pair of sweats and a tank top - I think I put them on after I got home from school/work like every single day of the week).
-bare feet / sandals - love love love bare feet
-tanning (though I feel so guilty doing this, I just can't anymore...hello spf, lovely to meet you)
-Glamour magazines in English (sent all the way from the US of A!)
-People mags my mom saves for me (thanks mom!!)
-having days just for me
-Trader Joes anything (oh the amazingness)

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