La Vingt-Septième Liste

List 27 - Lessons Learned

1. Sometimes it really is better to say nothing at all

2. Getting the last word doesn't actually mean you've won (I say I've learned this lesson, but really, I always try to get the last word...still working on this)

3. Relationships take work (friends, significant others, family) - you have to put in the effort (again, still working on this - I'm not so good at it)

4. Finding the good in people is not always easy - but it is usually worth it

5. Better to be a safe nerd than a dead cool kid

6. Trust your gut - this one is difficult...I wish I had trusted my gut when I was signing papers for my water damaged apartment.  The guts said, "RUUNNNNNNN!!", but desperation made me stay...

7. That said, try to avoid desperate situations (good things never come from them).

8. Girl nights are very necessary

9. English is not a secret language

10. Sit near the exit row

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