For Copain - Tout à 1 Euro!!!!

Copain is in London this weekend, so he put me in charge of doing our Sunday marché shopping (Bah!!).  See, normally, while I sit on the couch with coffee and good blogs, he goes to the marché and then likes to show me how much food he got for only 15 Euros OMG can you believe it!

This morning, at 11am, I got a text from Copain:

Copain: You awake?  What time did you go to bed? Try to get us some fruit please. You know how I love them :-)

Thankfully for him, I was awake. I responded, totally ignoring his request for fruit from the marché, just to see how long it would take for him to bring it up again:

FCC: Hey babe. How was the cheese club? (he had gone to a club in London called Club de Fromage...seriously)

Copain: It was so much fun there. Really liked the club. Only 80's and 90's music. 

FCC: Oh cool:-) did you dance? (For the record, Copain has a "rhythm deficiency" - it's a very serious disorder.)

Copain: Haha A lot!

FCC: Hmmm, are you sure?

Copain: You have no idea. At the end, I was one with the music. Marché? (see how he just casually tosses the marché back into the text?? ps - I'm pretty sure that "one with the music" means "too many pints")

FCC: Yes yes, I'm going to go AFTER my coffee. (this is a non-negotiable)

Copain: Cool!!! (probably shocked that I was actually planning on getting off the couch)

FCC: Yes yes, I know, freak of French nature. (It had to be said)

By the time I finally got my bootay off the couch, into clothes that did not resemble pajamas and out the door, it was already 12:30 (a new record!).  I hurried to the Marché d'Aligre just in time for the final mad scramble - the time when tout est à 1 Euro! (everything is just 1 Euro!).

Check out my loot:

Pamplemousse - 5 for 1 Euro!

Clementines, blette, navets, fenouil, carottes!

1 kilo of onions and 1 kilo of potatoes - all for 1 Euro!

Zucchini! Figs! Bananas!

2 kilos of apples for 2 Euros!

All of this for under 15 Euros OMG Copain would be so proud.  Copain? Are you seeing this?  I would like to state publicly, right here and now, that none of this will be used for Stella.


  1. Beautiful produce!! This post was cracking me up! You two are the cutest!

  2. I hope he appreciates my Sunday motivation :-) (I'm now recuperating by blogging while eating some fresh veggie soup made from my loot :-)


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