La Deuxième Liste

List 2 - This Month's Goals

1. Leave work on time whenever possible.  (I always stay late because there is always something more I could be doing to get ahead!)

2. Find a comfy pair of black flats (my Geox pair from 2010 have got to go!) ps - don't get too close to my feet if you even see me wearing them...

Wouldn't these be perfect??

3. Plan some Parisian fun for my college roomie visit at the end of the month! She's performing with Rioult in Paris this month! I think there will be lots of cheese and wine, and cheese and wine....

4. Be able to say that I did some living room pilates at least 6 times...which in all honesty, isn't very much...baby steps, baby steps

5. Take some time to call my friend who had a baby girl back in December. Why do I always let these things get away from me? (but I somehow find time to buy the present and get it in the mail?!) Phone fear!

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