La Prémière Liste

It's time for 30 Days of Lists!!   I'll be following their list prompts for the entire month of March on French Cannes Cannes (with other blogging too, bien sur).  I'm excited to see what Amy and Kam have in store for us...let the listing begin mes amis :-)

List 1 - Challenges to accept:

I'm going to copy Amy here and say: 30 Days of Lists - let's see if I can actually make a daily list for one entire month :-) Allez FCC!!

Reading actual books (in addition to my beloved bloggers) - I recently started reading a real book and it feels so nice to cozy into bed with a paperback n'est pas?

Making conscious decisions to eat snacks that do not include massive amounts of flour and sugar. My sensitive stomach will thank me. Today I have unsalted pumpkin and sunflower seeds with little teeny bits of chocolat noir (a girl needs some fun).

Letting it go.  Whatever it may be, at any given moment.

My super cool seeds - notice how there's no more chocolate left...hmmmm

If you'd like to join in the 30 Days of Lists fun (come on!!!), check out the website right here!


  1. I love your list.. I'm participating too! xo hugs

  2. Salut Bonita Rose! I checked out your list earlier today too - you make me want to get crafty :-) I also really love your "trust the timing" challenge...I need to remember that...xx


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