La Troisième Liste

List 3 - Recipe for a perfect weekend

Funny that this prompt fell on this weekend in particular, because it's starting to resemble my vision of a perfect weekend already...

Now that my Friday work hours are reduced, I can leave at 2pm. That said, I never do, but I got pretty close on Friday and left at 4pm.  I decided to be a tourist for a day and so, my weekend started on Friday at 4pm like this:

overcast Paris, just me, the Seine and the bridges

Notre Dame, in all her touristy glory

Quai Saint-Michel

La Jacobine - I resisted a crumble that was calling to me from the window

I had to get a closer look - but still, I resisted!

My willpower failed me when I passed by this Italian gelato place...

I love these

I've never eaten here, or even had a quick café...but something tells me I have to do it once in my life

A wine box for a bicycle basket - genius

Repetto - please go on sale!

St Germain

rue Buci... time for an apero

Piles and piles of old books... don't you just want to go in and smell the store? Library memories...flea markets...cozy days

On my way to meet Copain for a sushi dinner near rue Dauphine

Today, Saturday, I'm off to lunch, followed by a hammam on rue Montorgueil with a copine! I can't wait to zen out with mint tea and a gommage to get off all the winter tired feeling and dry skin...I might even treat myself to a massage with hot huile d'argan.

Sunday, I have no plans - just how I like it. Perhaps we'll watch New Girl (our new American TV obsession - watch it, you'll love it!). Perhaps, we'll have a brunch or a promenade in a new quartier. Maybe I'll bake muffins with my new chestnut flour, or maybe....the possibilities are endless n'est pas?


  1. Oh la la, such a great Friday! I love your pictures. Paris, je t'aime!!!!

  2. It was so perfect - sometimes I have to have days like that to fall back in love with Paris...tu me comprends :-)


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