My MASH Life

Remember MASH??

My goal was always:

House: Mansion (duh)
Boyfriend: Jon from New Kids On the Block (Jordan was so typical)
Car: Corvette (what? Barbie had one)
Pet: I can't remember having any affinity for animals, even as a child
Job: Broadway dancer
City: New York

Who knew that my real life MASH would look more like this:

House: Teeny tiny apartment (I'm still holding out for the perfect mansion)
Boyfriend: French Copain (tall, dark hair, kind eyes, neurotic, likes New Girl too, loves Paris like me, can't dance like Jon)
Car: hahahahahahahah. No car. Velib it dude
Pet: Plants - Jeannette the orchid and No Name Ikea palm tree (Copain is their caretaker)
Job: Not a Broadway dancer... except in my dreams
City: Paris

La vie est drôle n'est pas?


  1. Ah ah! You have a different life than what you dreamed of, but your real life is just as beautiful and "exotic"!

  2. It's just so funny to think back about what you dreamed of as a kid...never did I ever think I would be where I am today. (But I'm happy to be where I am :-) (still dream about the Broadway dancer part though!) haha


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