La Quatorzième Liste

List 14 - Tools and toys to try...

I'm not actually a gadgety kind of gal - I resisted when Copain bought the yogurt maker, when he brought home Stella, and when he spent 200 euros on an external hard drive for our computer / TV.

So let's spin this into a things to try for Spring list - it's sunny in Paris and the terraces are filling up once again! Spring is in the air! Here are the things that I am looking forward to trying...

1. My new trench coat

2. Espadrilles - wedge style...I keep eyeing a pair that I saw on the rue de Archives....

3. Less gluten - no fun - but then again, no tummy aches. You ready for this Spring? 

4. Bringing Up Bébé - that's right, FCC is reading an actual book again! It's a miracle! More on this book in an upcoming post!

5. Longer hair for springtime pony tails and chic chignons (is this a good idea?)

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  1. I love trench coats! I just bought one for Florina and I'm jealous :-)
    Oh oh... Reading a book about bringing up a bébé... Sounds interesting... ;-) Seriously, I can't wait to hear more about it, the subtitle makes me curious.
    I want open shoes: I could spend the entire year wearing sandales if the weather allowed it.
    (by the way, I got 3 spams in 3 days after cancelling the word verification, so I had to put it back, nul :( Did you get any spam?)

  2. hey! I can't quite wear the trench yet - I'm worried I'll be cold. But I see it on the horizon - yes! The book I'm reading got a bad review on the NY times (I'll post a link soon and a full write up!) but I wanted to read it anyways - so far it's interesting and funny if you don't take it too seriously. No babies are on the way though ;-) I got spams too, but since I verify comments before they post, I just didn't accept them (voila, problem solved :-) Enjoy the sun!!!


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