La Treizième Liste

List 13 - 10 years ago I...

  • Was a Sophomore in college 
  • Could barely fit in my Express jeans (freshman 15!)
  • Did a performance as a swordsman, and I think even a lion, for an eccentric dance history teacher - he was dressed as Louis XIV and we learned how to bow "Versailles style" on stage
  • Was really single for the first time in 4 years 
  •  Felt so lucky to be in college
  • Committed to nothing after committing to everything from Kindergarten to my senior year in high school - my mom thought something was very wrong with me. 
  • Had personal dance parties in my apartment with the girl who would become my best friend - thank you Celine Dion
  • Had recently stopped eating the raw pancake mix from the res hall cafeteria after my 8:30am ballet class - the jeans really had no hope after this...
  • Was full of angst about life!
  • Noticed the first signs of cellulite - thanks pancake batter!
  • Made Santa Barbara my home
  • Thought I could never live far from the ocean
  • Learned how to cook chicken by myself for the first time and burned it (thanks for the cooking lessons parents!)
  • bought myself coffee and bulk candy on days that felt never-ending
  • Was in love with Starbucks - tall misto please!
  • Wore Rocket dog platform sandals

  • Realized I needed contact lenses - thanks History 17C fuzzy projector slides!
  • Lived in an apartment with green carpet, owned by a guy named Brian Green. Coincidence? I think not.
  • Had beach day dance classes - and got credit
  • Thought Isla Vista was the bees knees - Freebirds burritos!
  • Still used disposable cameras
  • Shopped at Costco and made a lunch out of free samples with my roomie
  • Rode to class on a teal beach cruiser bike that my dad pimped out for me


  1. Bulk candy, rocket dogs, History 17C and the ocean...sigh! I have a wave of nostalgia!!

  2. I know! How is it possible that it's been TEN years??!!! (and how didn't I know that rocket dogs were a totally weird concept? hahaha)

  3. Can you imagine wearing them now??
    P.S. Just reread your entry on Stella via the link. I HEART that entry so! You and copain make me giggle!

  4. hahaha! oh Stella...she is finally up on the shelf and out of my life. phew!


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