Mille et Une Orchidées

Mamie and Papi alert! 

Copain and I went to the Mille et Une Orchidées expo at the Jardin des Plantes on Saturday. We paid 6 Euros each to look at orchids. I can only justify this by the fact that Copain is a huge orchid fan. You read that right. Big, big fan.

We currently have three orchids in our miniature apartment: Jeannette, Bernadette (a birthday gift to Copain, named after our lunch with Jacques Chirac), and last but not least, Chloé, the teeniest orchid. Copain takes care of the girls on a daily basis and regularly calls me over to our kitchen counter (where they live), to show me a new bud or bloom.  He's ummm, super into it.

I can't even keep the Ikea house plants alive.

So when I saw on the My Little Paris website that there would be an orchid expo in Paris, I figured I could take one for the team given Copain's love affair with exotic plants.

Despite my skepticism, paying 6 Euros to look at some greenery in a warm greenhouse on a super freezing snowy Saturday, may have actually been exactly what the doctor ordered. At least it got us out of the house, which becomes somewhat of a feat in the middle of nuclear winter. (Why go outside in the cold when you can sit in PJs with a blanket and watch movies?!)

I was convinced that we would be the only people there under 60, but apparently the Parisians love orchids, because the expo was poppin'. Like, scooch along the tiny greenhouse bridge while everyone oohs and ahhs and takes photos with their Iphones, poppin'. (Maybe we're not such old fogies after all...) 

Here are a few of my faves: (yes, I'm guilty of holding up the greenhouse bridge too)

Firebird orchid

Technicolor orchid

Alice in Wonderland orchid

Amazing roots (doesn't this also look like something out of a Disney movie??)

Ethereal orchid

Buttery orchid

And since we were right next door, we finished off the afternoon with a piping hot, thé à la menthe at the Grande Mosquée de Paris

Pas mal for a snowy Saturday n'est pas?

**super original orchid names invented by yours truly

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